Accelerating women's equity, forming partnerships, and sharing inspiring stories. We believe in equity, freedom, and equality.

who we are

MAKERS is a Yahoo media and community-focused brand that exists to accelerate equity for women in the workplace and beyond by forging purposeful partnerships and sharing stories that ignite passion, drive action, and make change.


what we believe in

At MAKERS, we know that achieving equity in the workplace for women is a long-term goal that will require ongoing effort and commitment. We believe that through intentional connection, everyday contributors in our community can see the equity gap close in their lifetime. We sense the urgency of the state of women in the workplace and the world, which is why we prioritize impact. Our work includes everyone who believes in the infinite reach we have in advancing women, with the vision of transforming tomorrow. 

what we do

Our community is committed to accelerating equity in the workplace and beyond. Our theme for this year is Making the Future Now. In our eyes, Everyone is a MAKER! We can each use our strengths and talents in every moment to make the future more equitable and inclusive. We will create bonds between community members, share space to align on collective action, and shine a spotlight on how MAKERS support and celebrate diversity at work. Through our content we will tell stories about those in our community who are making a difference, leading with action and making the future now!



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