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Ai-jen Poo is the Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, whose mission is to empower and organize domestic workers to fight better working standards.
Ai-jen Poo is currently the Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance – an organization that works to empower and organize domestic workers across 19 cities and 11 states. Ai-jen knows this work is needed, “domestic workers are explicitly excluded from almost every major labor law.”  As a student at Columbia University, Ai-jen Poo became outraged by the stories of domestic workers, often immigrant women, who had little recourse when they labored for long hours, in less than favorable conditions. Her gift for organizing worker-led movements has made the National Domestic Workers Alliance a powerful movement, whose policy initiatives and lobbying has led to New York State’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (with California following), and the expansion of labor laws federally to protect 2.5 million home-care workers. Ai-jen Poo was recently recognized by Time Magazine as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World.”     

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