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Goodman on true journalism, her progressive investigative journalism, and how independent news program, Democracy Now! came to life.
Amy Goodman is an award-winning investigative journalist. Host and executive producer of “Democracy Now!”, Goodman’s program delivers independent news to over 1,100 public television and radio stations worldwide.   A journalist through and through, Goodman began her career writing editorials for her high school and college newspapers. After college she worked for WBAI as an investigative journalist. While covering a story in East Timor, Goodman witnessed the mass killings of 270 Timorese and helped expose the massacre to the world. The experience illuminated the utter importance of independent media.   In 1996, Pacifica Network asked Goodman to host a grassroots election show. More than a decade later, she continues to hold those in power accountable; “Democracy Now!” has become a national news show broadcast on radio, television and the internet.   Goodman is an author of five books and the first journalist to receive the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' for “developing an innovative model of truly independent grassroots political journalism that brings to millions of people the alternative voices that are often excluded by the mainstream media.”    

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