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13 CEOs Sign Pledge to Accelerate Women's Leadership in Their Companies

There's one industry that's throwing considerable weight behind empowering women and accelerating women in leadership roles—and more than a dozen of its top leaders are committing to a serious plan of action. Read More »

Our Favorite 11-Year-Old Girl Football Player Sam Gordon Reporting Live from Super Bowl XLIX for MAKERS

Tune-in for daily updates on what’s happening in Phoenix as we lead up to the big day with our favorite 11-year-old girl football player Sam Gordon who will be reporting live from Super Bowl XLIX for MAKERS. Read More »

This Mississippi Homecoming Queen Is Also a Varsity Football Player

She changed from heels to cleats for the big game. Read More »

GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win Chely Wright's Memoir, 'Like Me'!

After watching Chely Wright's story on MAKERS, we just wanted to know more about the country musician's brave story. Thankfully for us, Chely wrote a memoir about her rise in country music and what it was like to come out. Read More »

Remembering Ava Gardner: Hollywood’s American Dream

Ava Gardner’s friend Dirk Bogarde said, Ava Gardner was “essential to the Hollywood myth about itself.” For a large part of the 40s and 50s, Ava Gardner Read More »

Sheryl Sandberg: More Employers Need to Lead ‘Obama-style’

When Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg sat down with Arianna Huffington for a segment on HuffPost Live at Davos, she got real about the issues women face in the workplace.  Read More »

Angela Ahrendts Makes Eight Times as Much as Apple CEO Tim Cook

When Apple’s SEC filing was published Thursday, the tech company revealed that Angela Ahrendts is their highest-paid exec. Read More »

On the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, House GOP Passes Controversial Anti-Abortion Bill

On Wednesday, pro-choice advocates celebrated a major victory: the House GOP dropped plans to debate an anti-bortion bill called the "Pain Capable Unborn Protection Act." Read More »