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You'll Never Guess How Much Lena Dunham's Sweater Sold For

Lena Dunham's fierce advocacy for women's rights and women's health takes many shapes and forms, but one thing is for sure — her dedication to the cause has no bounds, literally. Read More »

Here's How Taylor Swift Gave Back to One of Her Backup Dancer's Nephews With Cancer

Taylor Swift is giving back to someone she knows in a big way. Toshi Davidson was one of Swift's backup dancers in her "1989" tour. Davidson's 13-month-old nephew was diagnosed with cancer. Read More »

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Hillary Clinton Will Appear On Season Premiere of "SNL"

When "Saturday Night Live" kicks off its 41st season this weekend, there will be two Hillary Clintons to greet us. Read More »

Academics Take a Stab at Studying "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

While "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" wrapped up more than 10 years ago, its cult status is alive and well. While the show has been popular for its fantasy and feminist themes, and its sense of humor, it has also been appreciated on other deeper levels. Read More »

How Amy Schumer Negotiated a Multi-Million-Dollar Raise

By Joanna Robinson Hot on the heels of her big Emmy win last month, news broke that Amy Schumer had landed a massive book deal with Simon & Schuster. Read More »


Carey Mulligan Hates the Term "Strong Woman"

At first, the phrase "strong woman" comes off as a term of an endearment, but to British actress Carey Mulligan, it's exactly what's wrong with gender roles in today’s society, specifically in film. Read More »