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Here's What Madonna's Thinking When Everyone Talks About Her Age

Though Madonna seems to have a thick skin—she's never really cared what people say about her, has she?—there is one thing that's been bothering the 56-year-old Queen of Pop lately: ageism. Read More »

All Hail Spider-Gwen, Marvel Comic's New Spidey Superhero

In a parallel universe to the Spider-Man world we know, the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker instead gave its powers to Gwen Stacy, Peter’s girlfriend. Read More »

Shonda Rhimes Spent a Year Saying Yes to Everything That Scared Her (Except Tinder)

Shonda Rhimes is, arguably, one of the most important people working in the entertainment industry today. Read More »

DVF Declares Support for Hillary: “She’s a Wonderful, Formidable Woman.”

“If Hillary is running I will definitely be helping her.” In an interview at the Lead On Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women, Diane von Furstenberg made it clear where her political loyalties lie, Read More »

Chelsea Handler’s Personal Pep Talk

On the comedian's 40th birthday, we channel her words of self-encouragement. Read More »

10 Times Rashida Jones Won Our Hearts

It's actor and director (and Amy Poehler's "wife for life") Rashida Jones' birthday, and at MAKERS we're celebrating with a look at some of her greatest momen Read More »

Tig Notaro to Host Oscars 2016? Yes Please.

Now that Sunday’s fanfare has begun to die down, comedian Tig Notaro has started a campaign to be next year’s Oscar host. Read More »

This Adorable 3-Year-Old Reciting Her Student Creed is the Cutest Inspiring Video of the Week

This is a totally adorable, super-inspirational video of a little 3-year-old girl at Leeds Taekwondo reciting her student creed with her teacher.  Read More »

'Ms.' Miniseries in the Works with Marisa Tomei Playing Gloria Steinem

HBO is developing a miniseries called “Ms.,” which will depict the creation of Ms. Magazine through the eyes of one of its founders, Gloria Steinem. Read More »

Live on Fox News, Maria Bartiromo Accepts Tim Armstrong's Invitation to Be a MAKER

Happy anniversary to Maria Bartiromo, who’s celebrating one year at Fox News. We’re excited to announce that she’ll soon be a MAKER!  Read More »