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Miss America: Standards of American Beauty Over the Years

How Miss America has evolved over the past 93 years, reflecting changing ideals on beauty and brains, style and scholarship. Read More »

Tags: Miss America

Jill Biden Asks, 'How Can You Have It All and Handle It All?'

Jill Biden has always figured out how to multitask. She got her master’s and doctorate degrees while both working and raising her children. Read More »

Tags: WHS, Jill Biden

The Woman Who Stood Up to Steve Jobs

Joanna Hoffman was the fifth person hired to the original Macintosh developer team in September 1980. As its only marketing person for more than a year, she wrote the first draft of its User Interface Guidelines. Read More »

MAKERS Presents Post-Lunch Food for Thought

In anticipation of our upcoming documentaries, we’ll be sharing Afternoon Inspiration from some of the women we spotlight. Read More »

The NFL Maintains a Culture of Victim-Blaming and Domestic Violence Tolerance

The NFL's reaction to Ray Rice punching his wife is another example of the League's failure to address domestic violence.  Read More »

On This Day in History: Katie Couric Premiered on CBS Evening News

After a 15-year run as co-anchor on the “Today” show, Katie Couric was recruited by CBS  in 2005 to be the first female permanent host of an evening news show.  “I thought, it’s an important symbol, to see a woman handling that broadcast every night. Read More »

Joan Rivers Broke Boundaries (Literally!)

One time when a show went badly in the Catskills, she escaped in an unusual way.  Read More »

Gisele Tackles a Punching Bag and Public Criticism in New Under Armour Ad

We’re all familiar with Gisele Bundchen, whether she’s strutting a runway in wings for Victoria’s Secret or gracing a billboard on behalf of H&M. She’s the highest-paid model in the world, and has been for the last eight years. Read More »

Remembering Joan Rivers' Fearless Career

"Comedy is truth, and we should not apologize for it." Read More »