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Ultimate Cool Girl Zoe Kravitz On Feminism, Family, and the Future

Zoe Kravitz is the ultimate cool (and busy) girl about town, and she's showing no signs of slowing down. Read More »

A New Study Reveals Hollywood's Gender Bias Against Female Film Directors

A new study reveals Hollywood's gender bias problem is still alive and well for female film directors. Read More »

Haim Wants to Celebrate Female Musicians; Shows Interest in Revitalizing Lilith Fair

Lilith Fair was a music festival that started in the '90s which celebrated female musicians. Read More »

Lena Dunham Explains Why She Quit Twitter But Not Instagram

Lena Dunham has been vocal about stepping away from Twitter, but said she's taken refuge from the haters on Instagram. Read More »

Self-Made Billionaire Elizabeth Holmes On Re-inventing Blood Tests: "It's Like Cocaine"

Elizabeth Holmes, America's youngest female self-made billionaire (and MAKER), has been tackling the health-care industry since she was 19. Read More »

9 Podcasts That Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman

We all know that podcasts are incredibly entertaining, but they also give people a platform to use their own voice and tell their own stories. Read More »

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