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6 Female Movie Characters That Overcome the Odds

Movies have the special ability to transform real-life tales into captivating, compelling stories. And no stories are more empowering (or complex to translate onscreen) than those of women who acheived greatness against all odds. Read More »

6 Millennial Women Who are Changing the Food Scene

From Instagram to food blogs, food has become a fixture in millennial culture. Instead of looking for food inspiration on cooking shows or online recipes, some millennials are taking food back into their own hands by learning how it's made and where it comes from. Read More »

Women are Starting Companies at a Faster Rate Than Men

Entrepreneurship rates among women are growing. Women are starting companies at a faster rate than men, especially women of color. Read More »

Greece Appoints First Female Prime Minister

Greece appointed its first female prime minister: Supreme Court head Vassiliki Thanou. Read More »

13 Inspiring Quotes From Sheryl Sandberg That Will Encourage You to "Lean In"

We're celebrating Sheryl Sandberg's birthday today by sharing a few of her most inspiring quotes. She has a Harvard MBA, was a former VP at Google, and has been Facebook's chief operating officer since 2008. Read More »

This Powerful New Video From "She's the First" Will Inspire You in More Ways Than One

We're celebrating the strong women who are making a difference in women's lives around the world. Read More »

Meet the Leading Ladies of "The Girl on the Train" Movie

Paula Hawkins' "The Girl on the Train" is the Regina George of 2015's books: Everywhere you look, people are either obsessing over it, talking about it to anyone who will listen, or hunting for Read More »