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Women's Sports Firsts

On the heels of the NFL naming its first female coach, this summer has been a milestone season for women breaking the glass ceiling in professional sports. We're celebrating our MAKERS' firsts in women's sports. Read More »

7 Incredible Firsts for Women In Sports

Women have come a long way in sports. Through the years, women have have ran, swam, danced and leapt their way over historic hurdles, while inspiring generations of young women to follow their lead and break records of their own. Read More »

Natalie Portman's Feminist Western Hits Yet Another Snag

As obvious as it seems — that a western about a vigilante Natalie Portman would be a great idea — the period drama "Jane Got a Gun" has had a difficult time trying to exist, and may have just hit its biggest hurdle yet. Read More »

Modcloth's New Collection Features Figure-Flattering Dresses for All Sizes

By Sophia Chabbott It's not every day we can come out and say that a collection hits all of these notes: Read More »

Milestone Mania: Why July Was the Best Month Ever for Women In Sports

We've officially reached a #PlayLikeAGirl tipping point — and these women aren't only crushing the game, they're changing it. Read More »

Are These Pink "Women's Only" Parking Spaces Sexist?

Women are deeming an airport in Germany sexist after they made "women's only" parking spaces and painted them pink, according to a Mirror report. Read More »

Mo'Ne Davis Shares 3 Truths On Sports, Life, and More

At 13, Mo'Ne Davis gained huge attention when she pitched the first shutout in Little League Baseball history. One year later, and the young baseball star seems to still be on top of the world. Read More »

Add These 6 Graphic Novels Written by Women to Your Must-Read List ASAP

As soon as summer hits, summer must-read lists are seemingly everywhere. We understand if your reading list is a mile long, but we've got a slight alternative in case your eyes need a quick break from blocks of text. Read More »