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Katherine Johnson Went to College at 15--Then She Calculated the Path to the Moon

When Katherine Johnson started college (at age 15), she never dreamed she’d be involved in space. At the time, she remembers that as a woman, “You could be a nurse or a teacher.” But numbers had always come naturally to Johnson, and her professors encouraged her to study mathematics. Read More »


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Knows She's Tumblr-Famous, Has 'Quite a Large Supply' of Notorious RBG Shirts

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is well aware of her Internet popularity, saying she “keeps abreast of the latest that’s on Tumblr.” In a Sunday evening interview at the 92nd St. Read More »

Female Dropouts Who Made It Without a Degree

From Oprah to Ellen, the people on this list may come as a surprise. Read More »


On This Day: Rita Hayworth, "The Epitome of Glamour," Was Born

Rita Hayworth (born today in 1919) was, in the 1940s, the epitome of American glamour and one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. She was a talented dancer and seductive actress. Read More »

Meet the First Woman to Row Across Three Oceans, Alone

Roz Savage worked 14-hour days as a management consultant in London for 11 years before she completed a self-help exercise that would change her life. At 32, she wrote two versions of her obituary. Read More »


Going Off Script with Michael Epstein, Director of MAKERS: Women in Space

Michael Epstein produced and directed MAKERS: Women in Space along with producer Sarah Wolitzky. He says he learned "everything" in the making of this documentary, tracing the history of women who define America's aeronautical legacy. Read More »

13-Year-Old Alyssa Carson Is Training to Be the First Human on Mars

Alyssa Carson, a 13-year-old from Baton Rouge, has other-worldly ambitions, and shooting for the moon is not enough. She wants to be on the first human mission to Mars, predicted to be in 2030. Her far reaching goal took hold when she was about 5 years old:  Read More »

Happy Anniversary I Love Lucy!

Iconic TV show "I Love Lucy" premiered on this day, October 15, in 1951, and Lucille Ball's titular character quickly charmed her way into America's hearts. Read More »

Funny Girl: Relive Barbra Streisand's Best Moments

Barbra Streisand is a legend in many arenas--she has shone on Broadway, in Hollywood, on TV, and in music. "I truly believe I could be anything I want to be," she told Look Read More »


What's Your Dream? Share It, and Enter to Win a Space Food Feast!

Mae Jemison always knew she wanted to go to the moon. When Geena Davis' teacher told the acting class that only one of them would make it, she looked around and felt bad for the other kids. Kathy Kusner, the first licensed female jockey, was crazy about horses from the start. Read More »