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The Stats: Managing Unconscious Bias

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg was joined on The 2016 MAKERS Conference stage with the company's Head of People, Lori Goler, for a special presentation about managing unconsc Read More »

Get to Know 3 Founding Female Members of the NAACP

On February 12, 1909, a group of white liberals and African-American leaders gathered together to discuss a movement for racial justice, partly in response to horrific lynching practices and race riots. Read More »

The 2016 MAKERS Conference Recap Video

That's a wrap — The 2016 MAKERS Conference may be over, but we invite you to relive the inspiring, motivating, and empowering stories from women like America Ferrera, Gloria Steinem, Regina Wilson, Sheryl Sandberg, and more. Read More »

This Woman Created an App to End Hunger in America

"It shouldn't be this hard to do the right thing." Read More »

Remembering Sylvia Plath: A Strong Woman and Writer

Sylvia Plath was born in Boston on October 27, 1932, and is one of the most prominent and celebrated poets of the 20th century. Although she led a short, tragic life, she established a major following for her confessional poetry and writing style. Read More »

4 Black Women We Forgot Helped Shape American History

To commemorate Black History Month we are celebrating the lives of four amazing African-American women whose names may be little known, but their actions are embedded in the fabric of American history. Read More »


This Mesmerizing Viral Video Shows a Supermom in Action

By Nina Bahadur Getting four toddlers ready for bed isn't easy. Read More »

This is How Female Leadership Affects Companies

Turns out, securing more women in senior positions is the secret to a company's success. Read More »