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Going Off Script with Jamila Wignot, Director of MAKERS: Women in Business

Jamila Wignot gathered stories from women who rose to the top in accounting, finance, advertising, and management. She spoke with CEOs and presidents, founders and COOs. Read More »

Fail Fast: 7 Female Entrepreneurs on the Mistakes That Moved Them Forward

Entrepreneurs love talking about the power of failure. It takes courage to build something from the ground up, and "rebranding" failure as a positive thing only increases the number of entrepreneurs who are wiling to try.  Read More »

Entrepreneur: The New Celebrity?

Victoria Beckham joins the fashion greats. Read More »

Advertising Campaigns That Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Creative Women

Throughout history, women have been excluded from big business. Read More »

In Honor of Emily Post's Birthday, Four Old Etiquette Rules That Still Apply

Emily Post, legendary etiquette rules-writer, would be 142 years old today. Read More »

Famous Women Who Have Channeled Rosie the Riveter

Beyonce's version is epic, but she's not the only one. Read More »

Fox News Host Thinks Young Women Shouldn't Vote or Serve on Juries

Fox News anchors have turned their attention to the impact of the female vote in the upcoming elections. In July, "O'Reilly Factor" correspondent Jesse Watters referred to them on-air as “the Beyoncé voters, the single ladies,” and predicted they would be an election-decider this fall. Read More »

These Three Women Saw a Community Need--and Stepped in to Serve

Last month, we celebrated the winners of the first-ever Roslyn S. Read More »

Tags: Philanthropy

Going Off Script with Rachel Grady, Director of MAKERS: Women in War

Rachel Grady talked to soldiers and CIA agents, an army nurse and a helicopter pilot (MJ Hegar, in the featured image). Read More »

Women Rise Ranks and Lead Troops in These Inspiring Films

In Hollywood, men have been wielding guns and fighting wars for what seems like forever. And for most of America's history, those movies were simply reflecting reality: the military was exclusive to men. Read More »

Tags: Women in War