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21 Gloria Steinem Quotes

On March 25, 2014, Gloria Steinem, the groundbreaking writer, lecturer, editor and activist, who's been looked to as the popular face of the women's movement for over four decades, celebrates her 80th birthday.

We gathered some of her most memorable and moving quotes into one gallery. If there's one thread that strings all of Gloria's poignant words together, it's hope. Her hope for a better world for all people - men and women, boys and girls - can only stem from her heartfelt belief that progress is and will be made.  

Recently, at The MAKERS Conference, in an interview with Jennifer Aniston, Gloria declared that she's not merely a dreamer, she's a "hopeaholic." So for Gloria's birthday, let's make the world a little brighter and all be hopeaholics - at least for the day.

Join the #hopeaholic movement by sharing on Twitter what gives you hope for a better, brighter, more Gloria-fied future.