5 Views On Choosing a Career


Every MAKER has a wealth of unique and personal experiences that are powerful on their own. How can we combine their experiences to create a multi-faceted story on a topic, event or moment in history? Each week, we’ll create a playlist of five women, to explore and illuminate how one moment can bring forth many perspectives.


How do we decide on a career? Do we choose it, or does it choose us? For Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, MAKERS brings you 5 Views on Choosing a Career. In this playlist, we explore how the MAKERS arrived at their destinations, and how they decided in which direction to turn. In an increasingly competitive market, what has influenced your journey? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


1)   Ellen DeGeneres: Making a Life as a Comedian


Do mom and dad know best, when it comes to your career? If it was up to Ellen’s father, she would be selling Cadillacs, instead of television shows.


2)   Faith Ringgold: Art as a Career


Faith Ringgold went to college without having a clear goal in mind. Without any idea as to what she should do, she chose what she wanted to do, and found a career in a creative field.


3)   Barbara Walters: Secret to My Career


Sometimes, an individual’s unique traits can serve to separate them from the pack. Barbara Walters owes her success to writing well, but what other characteristics have helped her in her career?


4)   Brenda Berkman: Deciding to be a Firefighter


Brenda Berkman already had a career underway when she decided to become a firefighter. After receiving her J.D., she realized she wanted to defend others, but not through practicing law. She realized later in life, that firefighting appealed more to her personality.


5)   Condoleezza Rice: Playing Brahms with Yo-Yo Ma


Hindsight is 20/20 and playing Brahms with Yo-Yo Ma was what needed to put her decisions in perspective. As a child, Rice wanted to become a concert pianist, but one experience made her realize she had taken the right path.