5 Views on Coming Out


Coming out as gay is an inherently public act, but the events and emotions that lead to being open about your sexual orientation, are often kept very private. Celebrities, and other individuals in the spotlight, face a different set of challenges. Since their lives are often subject to intense scrutiny from media, fans, and detractors, they are sometimes forced to come out before they are ready. The women in this week’s playlist each had a different experience when coming out about their orientation. 

1) Ellen DeGeneres Came Out on The Ellen Show

“I think I had said it once to my mother when I came out. You don’t walk around saying ‘I’m gay’ to one another. If you’re in a gay bar, nobody just goes over and says, ‘I’m gay.’”

2) Kara Swisher Doesn’t Care What You Think of Her

“Coming out to people endlessly was exhausting. Even when I was thinking of going into the CIA and the state department and said I was gay, they’d tell me I could be blackmailed. How can you be blackmailed if you’re already out?”  

3) Dr. Susan Love Came Out in The Boston Globe

“Living out loud really allows you to be who you are, and to get into the work you need to do, as opposed to spending a lot of time trying to protect yourself.”

4) Billie Jean King Was Forced to Come Out

“I told the truth at this press conference, you could hear a pin drop and I said, ‘Yes I did have an affair with Marilyn Barnett’…The truth always does set you free. I did lose all my money though. Every single endorsement lost in 24 hours.”

5) Charlotte Bunch Brings Gay Rights to Feminism

“When the “lesbian” issue emerged internally, and some of were coming out and seeing this as part of the movement, there was a very defensive reaction. In particular, Betty Friedan is famous for calling it the “lavender herring.”