5 Views on Forging Change


Every MAKER has a wealth of unique and personal experiences that are powerful on their own. How can we combine their experiences to create a multi-faceted story on a topic, event or moment in history? Each week, we’ll create a playlist of five women, to explore and illuminate how one idea can bring forth many perspectives.


This week for 5 Views, we’re talking about forging change.  Women have come a long way over the past century, but we still have work to do to continue to create lasting and effective social change. Of course, making change does not have to be confined to women’s rights - there are many areas in contemporary life that still call for progress and reform. This week, we’ve made a playlist of groundbreaking women, who can give some lessons and advice gleaned from their experiences changing the status quo. 



1) Billie Jean King: Leading People to Your Point of View


Changing belief systems and shifting attitudes is often difficult, but it is the first step in creating social change. Billie Jean King shares the lessons she has learned from her experiences leading a movement.


2) Brenda Berkman: Change is Gradual


Brenda Berkman was one of the first female firefighters in New York City. In Change is Gradual, Berkman explains how change does not happen overnight, and is never the result of one person.


3) Eve Ensler: The Art of Disruption


Can we use art to affect social change? Eve Ensler discusses how her play The Vagina Monologues has disrupt the status quo in cultures all over the world, and how theatre can be used to provoke discomfort and challenge our way of thinking.  


4) Charlotte Bunch: Backlash


As founder of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Charlotte Bunch is an expert at organizing for women’s rights. In Backlash, Bunch discusses the inevitable resistance women face when challenging cultural and political norms.


5) Jane Chen: Disrupt the Status Quo


What can we gain from disrupting the status quo? Jane Chen discusses the rewards and benefits of working to innovate in industries that are often resistant to change.