5 Views on Mothers


Every MAKER has a wealth of unique and personal experiences that are powerful on their own. How can we combine their experiences to create a multi-faceted story on a topic, event or moment in history? Each week, we’ll create a playlist of five women, to explore and illuminate how one moment can bring forth many perspectives.


This week, leading up to Mother’s Day on Sunday, we’re celebrating the maternal bond, featuring content focusing on the lessons imparted by mothers and maternal figures. Motherhood is not a recipe, but parents can often feel the pressure to be everything for their children, giving up their own dreams and expectations when trying to care for those more vulnerable. In this Mother’s Day playlist, we see that maternal figures can teach their children through the words they say, but also through their own actions.


1) Robin Morgan: Mother’s Dreams

Opportunities and possibilities are highly dependent on cultural shifts that change with each generation. Robin Morgan muses on what her mother could have accomplished if she was able to benefit from the women’s movement and liberation.


2) Amy Richards: A Feminist in Utero

While we can disagree with our parents, they often inflict life lessons in the subtlest ways. Born to a single mother – during a time when that was an anomaly – Amy Richards discusses how her feminism was informed by her mother’s daily activities.


3) Faye Wattleton: Pro-life Mom

What happens to a relationship between a mother and daughter when they disagree on a core issue involving their beliefs? Faye Wattleon, the former President of Planned Parenthood, discusses this in relation to her pro-life mother.


4) Lydia Villa-Komaroff: Back-to-School Mom

Seeing a parent succeed can inspire their children. Lydia Villa-Komaroff’s mother went back to school after having her children. This behavior had a powerful effect on young Lydia, who saw the passion and sacrifices of her mother as proof that education is truly a goal worth reaching.


5) Diane von Furstenberg: Early Lessons in Independence

Diane von Furstenberg’s mother survived Auschwitz, giving birth to a young girl that would eventually become an internationally known fashion designer. Could DVF’s success in women’s fashion be related to a lesson her mother taught her as a child?