9 Books Written By MAKERS That You Won't Want To Put Down

Once upon a time, in a world without Netflix or WiFi, people entertained themselves by reading books. World Book Day reminds us that books haven’t gone out of style, even in this digital age. Sure, there’s the whole print versus e-book thing but as long as you’re reading, you can’t go wrong.

From your daily commute, to an exotic vacation destination or your local café, it’s not difficult to spot someone with his or her nose buried in a book. No matter what genre you’re into, have comfort knowing that there are plenty of other bookworms reading among you. It's also never too late to become an avid reader, even with a crazy schedule. Besides, knowledge is power — who would pass that up?

These books written by some of our MAKERS are guaranteed page-turners. Grab a copy, or a few, the next time you’re at your favorite bookstore and tell us what you think! 

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