A Couric/Palin Showdown?

Katie Couric and Sarah Palin found themselves in the same timeslot this morning, and on rival networks – Couric will be hosting ABC’s Good Morning America for Robin Roberts this week, while Palin played co-host on NBC’s Today.  Media outlets have jumped at the opportunity to open up old wounds stemming from the Couric/Palin interview in 2008, billing this the first “showdown” between the two women since the infamous broadcast.


Couric took the time to sit down with MAKERS, to discuss her experiences interviewing Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election. Now a household name, at the time Palin was “an unknown commodity…People didn’t really know that much about her.” Couric jumped at the opportunity to provide a woman the spotlight, but found Palin was inexperienced, as if she had been “thrust onto the national spotlight.” Today Palin remains a recognized national figure through her often polarizing media appearances. 


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