A Special Visit from Yang Lan for MAKERS China

As we prepare to launch the stories of the 10 Chinese MAKERS, Yang Lan came by to see the MAKERS team and talk to the press about the women. 

Set to launch on the June 23rd MAKERSMonday, the videos will be distributed on MAKERS.com/china and Her Village, Yang Lan's online destination for women that reaches over 300 million viewers and consumers each month. Time Magazine will also distribute them. 

MAKERS China was born when Yang Lan, known as the Oprah of China, reached out to MAKERS to extend the borders of its inspirational platform to her country. Lan believes the ethos of MAKERS transcends geographic borders and she wanted to share the inspirational stories of Chinese women with the millions of professional women she reaches everyday. 

Yang Lan is also a MAKER, as one of China's leading entrepreneurs, broadcast journalists, and philanthropists. She has been a strong advocate for Chinese women globally and is often credited with influencing the social, economic and cultural transformation underway for the modern Chinese woman.

The 10 Chinese MAKERS are leaders in a range of fields like dance, government, social activism, media, and athletics. They are the women listed below:

  • Fu Ying: the serving vice Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China and the first female spokesperson in the history of the National People's Congress of China (NPC)

  • Li Yinhe: an acclaimed female sociologist in China, she is a well-known sexologist and an activist for LGBT rights

  • Guo Jianmeib: the founder of mainland China's first public interest institution to offer legal support and service to underprivileged women

  • Dong Mingzhu: a powerful female entrepreneur of the Chinese manufacturing industry

  • Gong Li: the first Chinese actress to become widely known to the western public

  • Laura Cha Shih May-lung: the first woman deputy chair of the China Stock Exchange and the first person outside of mainland China to join the central government of China at the vice-ministerial rank

  • Hu-Shuli: well-known and distinguished Chinese financial journalist and business owner in the media industry

  • Yang Liping: celebrated dancer and choreographer, she revived and modernized ethnic dance, and also brought Chinese dance to western culture

  • Yan Geling: regarded as a groundbreaking and influential Chinese writer and playwright in the world's literary landscape

  • Li Yan: well-accomplished athlete and coach, she won the first-ever medal on short track speed skating for China at the 1992 Olympics and is the most decorated Chinese coach in a single Olympic game