Alfre Woodard Hosted a Star-Studded Oscars Party

This week, actor Alfre Woodard threw her annual Oscar’s Sistahs Soiree, a dinner party for women of color in Hollywood. There was one rule: fly solo. Woodard forbade partners and representatives in order to facilitate quality bonding time between the industry’s stars of the moment. And bond they did.

“Beyond the Lights’” Gugu Mbatha-Raw chatted with Carmen Ejogo, who plays Coretta Scott-King in "Selma," directed by Ava DuVernay, also in attendance. Kerry Washington hung out with fellow Shondaland star Viola Davis while Zoe Saldana took selfies with Rosario Dawson.

Woodard threw her first Sistahs Soiree six years ago to dispel the notion that actresses of color were constantly in competition, Variety reports. “I was like, wait a minute. When I hear my sisters’ names, I want to have a joyful feeling in my heart about it.” 

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“It’s about us celebrating and lifting each other up,”  Woodard added, rather than simply applauding women whose films have been nominated. 

“There are so many beautiful, talented, black and brown women,” she said. “We know the ones nominated will be out and (are) being celebrated. But when they’re on the carpet, when they’re walking onstage, there are people like them wishing them well. The women who know exactly what you’re doing, actors of quality, saying good on you. We got your back.”

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