Amy Poehler's Surprising Key to Creative Inspiration

On Monday, Amy Poehler went on Ellen to talk about her first memoir, Yes Please, which reveals many of the Parks and Rec comedian’s personal quirks. First up, she calls herself a “snoop” and says she goes through other people’s stuff when she visits their houses. 

Secondly, Poehler shared that when she’s lacking inspiration, she jump starts her creative process by writing topless. Ellen asked how this preclusion started, and Poehler replied:

“I think it was probably accidental, like I was out of the shower and I was like, ‘I have to finish this thing,’ and then I was like, ‘This feels really good!’” Poehler added that topless writing relaxes her. 

As other stars are cheering #freethenipple, Poehler joins the movement by going topless as a “treat” to herself. May we all take such joy in our bodies while exercising our brains in creative ways!

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