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Another Supermom Breaks the Internet

Another Supermom Breaks the Internet

Another 'supermom' is standing out on the sidelines — perhaps proving that she should be center field in this viral photo.

The Dallas Morning News perfectly captured Melissa Wardlow, as she took photos for the Lake Ridge football team in Dallas, Friday night.

But that wasn't all she was doing.

Her whole upper body was occupied by tasks: On her back, she carried her 3 year old, and on her front, she carried her 8 month old — camera in one hand and baby bottle in the other.

"I throw the kids on and away we go," said Wardlow. "I started taking pictures before I had kids, and I was on the sideline when I was pregnant. It didn't matter; I was on the sideline."

The photo was posted soon after a similar photo by working mom, Megan Meier, went viral. Like Meier's, it resonated with working and non-working moms everywhere.

"Everybody is different. My children are my priority; whatever I have to do [I do] to make sure they're well taken care of."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Dallas Morning News