March 2012

New MAKER: Sara Ziff

Since Picture Me (2009), Ziff has dedicated her life to improving the working conditions for models. Read More »

New MAKER: Robyn Beavers

Robyn Beavers is a pioneer, and in more ways than one... Read More »

Living Role Models

Spending a good deal of time on college campuses, enmeshed in the world of contemporary women's issues, I am continually shocked at how little source material there is on the women's movement in America.  Read More »

The Making of MAKERS

Almost eight years ago, I went to Gloria Steinem in the hope of doing a film on her life. And Gloria, in her egoless way, declined. For Gloria, her story had meaning only as part of a collective of stories. Read More »

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New MAKER: Miranda July

Miranda July is the latest addition to, and we couldn’t be more excited. Read More »

New MAKER: Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright was sitting in her bathrobe the day she got the call from President Clinton, asking her to be his Secretary of State. Read More »

New MAKER: Bethany Hamilton

Born into a family of surfers in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton's love for surfing was immediately apparent. At the age of four she entered her first competition, which eventually lead to sponsorships at the young age of nine. Read More »

New MAKER: Charlotte Bunch

Charlotte Bunch asks: “What is the separation between human rights and women’s rights that is holding women back at this point?” Read More »

New MAKER: Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler is a Tony award-winning playwright, performer and feminist best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. Read More »

New MAKER: Lauren Bucherie

In the spirit of SXSW, MAKERS is launching music entrepreneur, Lauren Bucherie. Read More »