December 2012

Rebecca Adamson, Rita Mae Brown, Johnnetta Cole and Halle Tecco Join MAKERS!

We welcomed four new MAKERS to our community recently! Joining the powerful activists already in our community, we added author and activist Rita Mae Brown and global activist Rebecca Adamson. We also added Halle Tecco, a health care entrepreneur, and the groundbreaking scholar and college president, Johnnetta Cole. Read More »

Connecting With Our Families At The Table

I cook, eat, and love food for a living.  I also write on the topic of improving our kids’ lives through food.  So when the holidays come, people assume I’ll cook a crazy, expensive, time-consuming dinner.  But guess what? Read More »

Aileen Hernandez, Susan Brownmiller, Carol Gilligan, Malika Saada Saar and Julia Kaganskiy Join MAKERS!

We welcomed five new MAKERS community recently. Joining the creative women currently in our collection, author Susan Brownmiller, psychologist and writer Carol Gilligan and Global Editor of The Creators Project Julia Kaganskiy all joined the MAKERS family. As for additional role models who excel with their leadership skills,  former President of the National Organization for Women Aileen Hernandez and Executive Director of the Human Rights Project for Girls Malika Saada Saar also joined the ranks. Read More »

Watch The Official Trailer - MAKERS: Women Who Make America

We're very excited to share the official trailer for the film MAKERS: Women Who Make America, which will premiere on PBS February 26, 2013 (check your local listings).  Read More »

What Being a Next MAKER Means to Me

When I found out that I had been named one of the Next MAKERS, my first thought was of my mentor, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Read More »

What Being a Next MAKER Means to Me

What a remarkable privilege to be selected as a Next MAKER! I truly didn’t see this coming. The funny part is that the opportunity to follow the passion I felt to support our Returning Warriors with invisible wounds happened five years earlier while serving for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Who knew that work would lead to a path where I could pay it forward!  Read More »

Did You Know... The First Computer Programmer Was A Woman?

Today is the birthday of Ada Lovelace, recognized as the first computer programmer, the creator of the first algorithm, and also, as an extraordinary woman.   Read More »

9 Year Old Football Star Sam Gordon Sets Record, Gets Her Own Wheaties Box

She's nine. She's a girl. And you've never seen a football player like her. Read More »

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Inside The MAKERS Boston Screening

On Tuesday Nov. 20, two days before Thanksgiving, MAKERS gathered in Boston's WGBH theater to celebrate the upcoming premiere of the documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America. Read More »