February 2013

Sharing Female Empowerment With Fifth Grade Girls

I make part of my living as a professional “speaker” -- that is I get to travel across the country giving lectures, primarily to college students. Mostly I am invited to address issues in contemporary feminism, sexual assault and numerous other gender injustices, and how to move our activism from a grand suggestion to personal, tangible gestures. In other words, I have become quite comfortable speaking in front of friends, foes and strangers. Talking recently, though, in front of ten fifth grade girls gave me great pause. Read More »

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Women in Combat: A 50-Year View

Well, how about that? Last week, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced the end of existing combat exclusion policies which for decades have prevented military women from being assigned to units performing direct combat roles. Read More »

Closer Look at TCA's "MAKERS: Women Who Make America" Panel

MAKERS and PBS were recently featured in a Television Critics' Association (TCA) panel on the upcoming documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America, the documentary which traces the last 50 years of the women’s moveme Read More »

Who Was the Attorney Behind Roe v. Wade?

  When Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Burger, said “Ms. Weddington, you may proceed whenever you are ready,” Sarah Weddington stood to address the Court, and her nerves washed away. Just 26 years old, Weddington went on to successfully argue the landmark case, Roe v. Wade.   Read More »

Marin Alsop, Carrie Brownstein, Claudia Chan and Maritza Alarcón Join MAKERS!

We recently welcomed four new MAKERS to our community! Joining the remarkable MAKERS already in our community, we added two musicians: the groundbreaking Marin Alsop, as well as Sleater-Kinney's multitalented Carrie Brownstein. We also added Claudia Chan, a forward-thinking entrepreneur and the youth empowerment organizer, Maritza Alarcón. Read More »

Gerda Lerner— Fierce, Brilliant & Unique

Gerda Lerner was fierce, brilliant and unique. She lived history by her bravery, restored history by her scholarship, and democratized its study by her activism. She understood, as Paula Gunn Allen wrote, that, "the root of oppression is the loss of memory." Read More »