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Remembering Helen Thomas, A Genuine Trailblazer

Helen Thomas was a true MAKER and a genuine trailblazer. Read More »

Women Who Ruled: Influential British Female Monarchs (Photo Gallery)

Throughout British history, female monarchs have been few and far between.  This may change with The Succession to the Crown Act 2013, a bill that ends the old law placing males ahead of females in the line of succession to the British throne, regardless of birthdate. Read More »

Which Groundbreaking Woman Said This?

MAKERS is testing your knowledge of women's history! Do you know which incredible, groundbreaking woman said each of these memorable quotes? Read More »

Jane Austen to Grace the Ten Pound Note!

In exciting news, the Bank of England has provided a computer generated mock of what the new design on the 10-pound note will be: Jane Austen!  Read More »

Good News, Bad News for FDNY Women?

Information about women firefighters in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) invariably has a kind of “good news, bad news” quality to it.  In 1982, 40 women became the first women to be hired as FDNY firefighters after the FDNY hiring procedures were found by a court to be not job-rel Read More »

Congratulations to the Royal Family!

Congratulations to the Royal Family on their new baby boy, Prince of Cambridge! Read More »

Women Who Ruled: Historic Female Leaders from Around the World (Photo Gallery)

While more and more women are moving to leadership positions around the globe, the role of women in power remains too rare a thing--in the United States of America we have yet to see a female American president! Read More »

Congrats to ESPY Nominated Snowboarder and Upcoming MAKER Kelly Clark!

We would like to give a big celebratory shout out to upcoming MAKER, snowboarder Kelly Clark on her 2013 ESPY nomination for Best Female Action Sports Athlete! Read More »

Win the Newest Novel in the Soccer Sisters Series!

We are so excited that Andrea Montalbano's new book in the tween Soccer Sisters series is hot off the press! Read More »

On This Day 1999: Where Were You When Mia Hamm Led Team to World Cup Victory?

Even as the world saw her as best all-around women's soccer player, Mia Hamm doubted herself when her coach told her she was to take a penalty shot that could possibly break the tie between the U.S. and China in the shootout of the final 1999 World Cup match. Read More »

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