February 2014

The 86th Academy Awards: The gender breakdown

The Academy Awards are an exciting event, not only for people in the film industry, but also for its spectators. Read More »

The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Men

At The 2014 MAKERS Conference, the audience viewed this unique mashup video above that exposes how MAKERS really feel about 50 percent of the population — men! NEXT: #TuesdayTrivia: Fast Facts About Our MAKERS » Read More »

The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Feminism

What does the "F" word mean to you?  Why has its meaning become so complicated? Watch this mashup video of MAKERS sharing their take on feminism.   Read More »

African American Women's Firsts: Part Two (Photo Gallery)

The MAKERS mission is to assemble the largest collection of women's stories ever. Read More »

The Music From The 2014 MAKERS Conference

The 2014 MAKERS Conference may be over, but the experience has stayed with us. You can revisit what the speakers brought to the stage in our live blog, but we thought it'd also be nice to revisit a different piece of the conference, as well: the music. Read More »

The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Tim Armstrong Interviews Sam Gordon

At the 2014 MAKERS Conference, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong sat down with 11-year-old football star Sam Gordon and her father Brent Gordon. Watch their discussion in the video above.  Read More »

20 Memorable Quotes From The 2014 MAKERS Conference

A lot of powerful words were spoken at The MAKERS Conference by the incredible thought-leaders who presented over the course of its three days. Here's a selection of 20 memorable quotes to keep with you. Read More »

25 Memorable photos from The MAKERS Conference

It has been one incredible week.  Click on the gallery above to see some of the most memorable moments at The MAKERS Conference.   Read More »

Helping to set the agenda: Photo highlights of The MAKERS Conference speakers

It was an action-packed day here at The MAKERS Conference.  We've heard from an incredible lineup of speakers so far.  Click on the gallery above to see who joined us today. Read More »

Gabrielle Giffords: Resilience in the face of violence

Former US Representative Gabrielle Giffords became known for her resilience in the face of violence after a shooting at a local event that left six dead and Giffords with severe brain injuries. Just eight months after the incident, in August 2011, Giffords made an appearance back in Congress. Read More »