August 2014

Daily Five: What Can Colleges Actually Do to Prevent Sexual Assault?

Plus Women in Clothes, standing up for Kirsten Gillibrand, and the strangest items found in the pages of a 60s teen magazine. Read More »

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New Footage of 11-Year-Old Sam Gordon Racing Past the Boys in Football

After taking a break to join the Olympic Development Program for soccer, Sam Gordon is back on the football field, dodging boys and making touchdowns. Read More »

Daily Five: The Story of Nevada's Lucy Flores

She's running for leiutenant governor. Plus, read about jobs that women pioneered, the unending fixation on Brangelina, and how female voters feel about the GOP. Read More »

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Daily Five: A Peek Into Senator Gillibrand's New Book

1. A preview of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's new book: 'I will help Hillary get elected.' Read More »

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Amy Poehler Perfectly Sums Up Male Privilege

Whether she’s posing as Beyonce at the Emmys or appreciating Madeleine Albright as Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, we love Amy Poehler. If it was possible, she just won even more of our hearts with her response to Neal Brennan’s question on his Sundance show The Approval Matrix. Read More »

Jennifer Aniston On the "TODAY" Show: Pressure to be a Mother is Unfair

Talking with Carson Daly this morning, Jennifer talks feminism, her personal discussions with Gloria Steinem, and headlining the MAKERS Conference! Read More »

Daily Five: The Best Stunts Pulled by the Suffragettes

These women were not to be messed with. Read More »

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Playboy Publishes a Worthwhile Flowchart: When is a Catcall Okay?

Playboy has come out with an infographic that helps people make a fairly quick decision on the issue du jour. Read More »


Emmy Winners Through the Ages

From Lucille Ball to Rita Moreno, Barbra Streisand to Raven Symoné, we present powerful TV actresses as they accept awards over the past decades. Read More »