August 2014

Daily Five: What Can Colleges Actually Do to Prevent Sexual Assault?

1. What can colleges actually do to prevent sexual a ault? Cosmo talked to sexual a ault researchers, educators, and activists. 2. A book about perso... Read More »

New Footage of 11-Year-Old Sam Gordon Racing Past the Boys in Football

After taking a break to join the Olympic Development Program for soccer, Sam Gordon is back on the football field, dodging boys and making touchdowns.... Read More »

Daily Five: The Story of Nevada's Lucy Flores

1. The story of Lucy Flores. She's a candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor, but she could end up 2. Five traditionally male jobs that women actual... Read More »

Daily Five: A Peek Into Senator Gillibrand's New Book

1. A preview of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's new book: 'I will help Hillary get elected.' 2. Healthcare in the time of Grey's Anatomy. How TV shapes t... Read More »

Amy Poehler Perfectly Sums Up Male Privilege

Whether she's posing as Beyonce at the Emmys or appreciating Madeleine Albright as Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, we love Amy Poehler. If it was po ib... Read More »

Jennifer Aniston On the "TODAY" Show: Pressure to be a Mother is Unfair

On the "TODAY" show this morning, Carson Daly interviewed Jennifer Aniston about her new movie, her evolution since "Friends," and her conversations... Read More »

Daily Five: The Best Stunts Pulled by the Suffragettes

1. 5 hardcore stunts by the suffragettes. For example, a 200 mile hike. 2. On trying to be a dreamgirl. And losing/finding yourself in the proce . 3.... Read More »

Playboy Publishes a Worthwhile Flowchart: When is a Catcall Okay?

Men's magazines love a good flowchart. Don't know which online dating site to choose? Make your way to GQ's handy guide to online dating, complete wit... Read More »


Daily Five: Adult Women Outnumber Teen Boys in Gaming

1. Adult women now outnumber teen boys in gamer demographics. They're also more likely to stick to one game. 2. An epidemic of domestic violence in So... Read More »

Emmy Winners Through the Ages

From Lucille Ball to Rita Moreno, Barbra Streisand to Raven Symoné, we present powerful TV actre es as they accept awards over the past decades... Read More »

A Public Display of Feminism: Watch Beyonce’s VMA Performance

Everything Beyonce does, Beyonce owns. From her surprise album release to a tour with her husband, she's changing the rules of a game she already won.... Read More »

Amelia Earhart Journeys Across the US

On August 24, 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo acro the United States, starting in Los Angeles and ending up in Newark, New Je... Read More »

Daily Five: What Happens When Fathers Do More Dishes

1. Does the distribution of parents' housework have an effect on their daughters' ambitions? Looks like it.  2. A different kind of doll. Mi . Po ible... Read More »

A Brief Guide to Reliving Dirty Dancing While at Work

xoJane does a good job of outlining why Dirty Dancing is a subversive masterpiece. The cla ic film tackles abortion, cla politics, and sexual agency.... Read More »

MAKERS Cheers On Mo'ne

She's the first girl to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series, and the first Little Leaguer to land on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Th... Read More »

Daily Five: College Boys Miss the Old Blurred Lines

1. College boys rue the clarification of blurred lines. "Some men feel that too much responsibility for preventing sexual a ault has been put on their... Read More »

THROWback Thursday: Baseball's Winning Women

We're highlighting women past and present who stand in a league of their own. They play with boys and start their own teams, paving the way for athlet... Read More »

Daily Five: Ebola is Killing Mostly Women, Here's Why

1. Ebola is killing mostly women. Find out why. 2. Appreciating female video game pioneers. Leveling up in a boy's club. 3. Inspired by her daughter,... Read More »

The Netflix Movie You Need to Watch Tonight: Mission Blue

Dr. Sylvia Earle is National Geographic's "explorer-in-residence," and she's spent over 7,000 hours underwater (for reference, a year is a little over... Read More »

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Daily Five: Laverne Cox On Growing Up Transgender in America

1. Laverne Cox talks about the challenges of growing up transgender in America. "Having your story told validates your experience." 2. This company wa... Read More »

Female Writer Says She Likes Being Cat-Called

Doree Lewak thinks cat-calls are the ultimate ego boost. In a recent story for the New York Post, the writer lists the things she likes most about bei... Read More »

Daily Five: Taylor Swift Says 'Shake it Off'

1. Taylor Swift's new song is guaranteed to improve your mood. The haters gonna hate, and I just preordered her entire album on iTunes in order to lis... Read More »

9 Things That Are Slower Than Mo'ne Davis' Fastball

In her Little League World Series game on Friday, Mo'ne Davis threw a shutout game, becoming the first female player to do so in the Little League pos... Read More »

Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness: Powerful Women On Giving Back

"I want to always make people proud. I want to feel good about what it is I'm doing, and giving the best that I can of me." -Vivian Stringer As we re... Read More »

Daily Five: Investing in Women-Led Business

1. How women can invest in one another. Sallie Krawcheck's latest endeavor encourages people to support women-led busine . 2. MAKERS join in the ice... Read More »