Ashton Kutcher Asks, Where Are the Changing Tables in Men’s Restrooms?

Now that Ashton Kutcher is dad to daughter Wyatt Isabelle, he’s speaking out on behalf of fathers everywhere: men’s rooms need changing tables too! The actor took to Facebook to encourage more public restrooms to include changing tables:


Over 220,000 people agreed with his statement, liking the status. And in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Mila Kunis confirmed how serious Ashton is about diaper changing. “The second she was born he changed the first diaper…if he’s home he changes the diaper.”

Ashton’s enthusiasm coincides perfectly with #LeanInTogether, the NBA and LeanIn’s recent campaign to celebrate men who support women at work and at home. Ashton’s definitely leaning in for equality, and we’re glad he’s spreading the word.


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