How These Australian-Born Actresses Are Speaking Out for Women Everywhere

New statistics released from the Australian government demonstrate that the country is moving in the right direction toward equal pay and equal job opportunities for women and men.

According to the Australian Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the full-time average hourly earnings for women are only 13.9 percent less than men’s full-time average hourly earnings.

They also report that women comprise 46 percent of all employees in Australia.

But while the gender gap in the workplace as whole is close to possibly becoming equal, an in-depth look at the jobs women are holding shows that women are absent in leadership roles in Australia.

According to the Australian government's report, women hold 12 percent of chair positions, 23.7 percent of directorships, as well as represent 17.3 percent of CEOs and 26.1 percent of key management personnel in Agency reporting organizations.

Australian-native female celebrities are speaking out and taking action to change gender inequality in the workplace and beyondmm m around the globe.

Check out the gallery above to see what these Australian-born actresses are doing to change the status quo for women and why they should be role models to young girls around the world, as their messages are universal. 

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