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This Is What Beauty Really Looks Like

This Is What Beauty Really Looks Like

Something about social media challenges emboldens us. There was the #IceBucketChallenge, which raised millions of dollars for ALS awareness and research. And then there was comedienne Amy Schumer, who rallied her TV viewers to wipe off their faces using #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup with a hilarious sketch on her Comedy Central show — getting a determined conversation on double standards going. But this time, it’s not celebrities taking a movement viral: it's America's teenagers with #BeautyInAllChallenge.

#BeautyInAllChallenge isn't a stand-alone trend, but rather one spawned from the equally viral #DontJudgeChallenge. While supposedly well-intentioned, critics accused the latter campaign of mocking others rather than empowering them. Now, in a truly beautiful backlash, teens are posting pictures on social media showcasing their own so-called flaws (think: acne, facial hair, unplucked brows) using #BeautyInAllChallenge. The results? Simply stunning.

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Photo Credit: Aping Vision / STS via Getty Images