The Best British Actresses of All Time

We'll never forget our favorite film — or the leading lady who starred in it. 

British actresses in particular are in a league of their own: they flawlessly move from stage to screen and back again, capturing the quirks and signature moves of the characters they bring to life (and real-life women they portray).

From Vivien Leigh's bold and vain Scarlett O'Hara to Helen Mirren's regal and reserved Queen Elizabeth II, we'll always remember the British actresses that made these women who they are.

With countless accolades under their belts, our favourite British actresses also manage to do what eludes so many women in show business: they continue to play interesting and complex female characters as they age, rather than seeing their careers taper off after their ingenue years have come to an end.

Take our MAKER Helen Mirren: in 2010, she appeared in five films, playing a range of roles from a brothel owner to a Shakespearean Duchess. And she's just going from strength to strength.

Gutsy, talented and totally unforgettable, click through our gallery to see some of our favorite British actresses of all time.

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Photo Credit: Vivien Leigh via AP Photo