8 Best Colleges for Budding Feminists

For those who choose to go after a higher education, there's more to college than just showing up to lectures and classes.

Location, culture, extracurricular activities, and even the campus layout are just a few things that shape the overall college experience. The following eight feminist colleges in America go above and beyond in order to positively influence a new generation.

These schools even boast some accomplished alums, such as MAKERS Hillary Clinton (Wellesley), Madeleine Albright (Wellesley), Nora Ephron (Wellesley), Gloria Steinem (Smith), Barbara Walters (Sarah Lawrence), and Lena Dunham (Oberlin), just to name a few.

Whether you're diving into the ever-so-important decision of deciding where to study as an undergraduate, or are considering where to continue graduate school, take a look at these colleges for young and budding feminists in the gallery above.

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Photo Credit: michaeljung via Getty Images