Did You Know Most of the Women in Power Are Blonde?

Blonde women are often stereotypically categorized as ditzy, or less intelligent than women with darker hair. But what if we told you that women with blonde hair are the leading women in power in the United States?

According to a significant amount of data from the Huffington Post, a striking 48 percent of female chief executives at S&P 500 companies and 35 percent of female senators are blonde.

A study in 2005 found that just 2.2 percent of male CEOs had blonde hair.

Our first female presidential candidate is blonde, and the first female Supreme Court Justice was blonde. Even the first female president of Harvard was blonde.

Researchers from Northwestern conducted three studies with 100 male participants to see how they felt about female CEOs who were blonde and brunette.

The first two studies confirmed the stereotypes: respondents rated blondes and brunettes equally attractive, but blondes were found to be less competent and independent. To learn more about the third study click here.

Take a look at the gallery above to see some of the successful women in power that prove that blondes really do have more fun.

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster