Bob Moritz: Leading diversity at all levels

“If we are not focused on the development of those peoplethe recruitment, development and deployment of that talentwe are out of business. Full stop."

In a recent article on Forbes, Chairman and Senior Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Bob Moritz talked about how he believed that men can help drive the success of a company’s diversity program and how he’s been able to make a difference for women in the workplace.

Today, Moritz spoke at The MAKERS Conference to drive home his call to challenge both men and women to look into their own blind spots and commit to championing diversity within their own organizations:

"Leadership doesn't require a title. We are not just talking about the CEOs, COOs, presidents and the like. Everyone has to be involved."

Moritz shared two experiences from his career that influenced his passion for diversity in the workplace: his experience as a minority working in Japan in the '90s and his divorce, after which he had to take on more responsibility for managing his kids and their care. He encouraged everyone, especially those in leadership, to set the example in the workplace by talking about their personal lives publicly. "You've got to create the right culture. You've got to create the safe environments to do it."

Moritz also asked leaders to become sponsors. "A mentor," he said "is a person who gives you a piece of advice and says good luck. A sponsor makes it happen; they put you in a position to make you successful."