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"Bond Girl" Monica Bellucci Says She Is a "Bond Woman"

"Bond Girl" Monica Bellucci Says She Is a "Bond Woman"

Italian actress Monica Bellucci will become the oldest woman to co-star with James Bond in the new bond film “Spectre,” according to a TIME report.

But the 51-year-old actress told The Guardian she doesn’t like the term “Bond Girl.”

“I can’t say I’m a Bond girl because I’m too mature to be a Bond girl,” she told The Guardian. “I say Bond lady; Bond woman.”

“Men think that women, when they’re not able to procreate any more, become old,” she said.

“That is not true – they are still amazing! That’s why I think that Sam Mendes [director of “Spectre”], in choosing me, an adult woman, created a big revolution. But I’m proud to be a Bond lady, because actually, Bond is the most amazing man. You know why?…Because he doesn’t exist.”

Watch the “Spectre” trailer below:

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Photo Credit: TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images