Boston Proclaims April 9 “Riot Grrrl Day” in Honor of Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna’s going to leave a lasting impression on Boston. When the musician and feminist activist performs and speaks at Wilbur Theatre on Thursday, she’ll be honored with the (mayor-signed) proclamation that April 9 is “Riot Grrrl Day,” because “The Riot grrrl philosophy has never felt more relevant, with misogyny still rampant in many cultural spaces…” 

As a member of feminist punk band Bikini Kill in the 90s, Hanna helped found the Riot Grrrl movement. In her MAKERS video, Hanna says, “I had this really crazy epiphany in college, where I was standing at the bus stop and I just asked myself a question, What is the most important thing to you? The answer was, I want to end violence against women.” While Hanna has moved on to other musical ventures including Le Tigre and, most recently, The Julie Ruin, her Riot Grrrl roots remain strong. 

In an interview with Vanyaland leading up to her Boston appearance, Hanna spoke to the current influence of Riot Grrrl: “I feel like it’s exciting that people are talking about Riot Grrrl. I’m a feminist musician and I haven’t disappeared. That’s actually great. In other generations, feminist musicians maybe had one song people listened to for a minute and then were like, bye! Ten years later, nobody remembers them. The fact that people still need feminist punk is kind of sad, but I was under no illusions that sexism was gonna end.”

How can you do your part to celebrate Riot Grrrl Day? Learn Kathleen Hanna’s story, dance around carelessly to Bikini Kill, share the Riot Grrrl Manifesto, or simply appreciate the Riot Grrrls you know