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California Vetoes Bills to Ax Tampon and Diaper Taxes

California Vetoes Bills to Ax Tampon and Diaper Taxes

If anything is going to infuriate progressive women and parents today, it's this:

Even though thirteen states have eliminated the "tampon tax," it seems that increasing state revenue has been prioritized over increasing women's equality in California's tax code. That’s right, Governor Jerry Brown recently vetoed two bills that would have eliminated taxes on both tampons and diapers.

These bills, AB 717 and AB 1561, were two of seven that Brown vetoed that were widely support. They passed unanimously, paving the path toward tax equality for both women and parents, according to Jezebel.

But Brown's reasoning showed that economics took precedence.

"Each of these bills creates a new tax break or expands an existing tax break," Brown said. The bills would take out $35 million from the states revenue, and tampon tax alone generates $20 million a year.

California now continues to be one of 39 states that subject tampons and other feminine products to sales tax because they are not considered necessities.

"Men purchase Viagra and they don't get taxed," said Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who sponsored the bill. "Women matter and we need to send that message to the Governor."

The diaper bill, authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez would have saved families about $100 per child annually.

The bills' sponsors, along with other women, have criticized Brown on social media for his decision, using the hashtags #AxTheTax as well as #TamponTax:

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