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Hillary Clinton On The Breakfast Club: "Hip-Hop Has Influenced My Look"

Earlier this year, MAKER Hillary Clinton revealed to The Breakfast Club that she always carries hot sauce in her purse — particula Read More »

Icelandic Women Protest for #EqualPay in This Very Poignant Way

Even in a country with progressive gender politics (adequate family leave, and a healthy ratio of women in the workforce), pay gap still plays a significant role. Read More »

March for Misogyny: Women Fight for the Right to Wear Yoga Pants

Last week, a man by the name of Alan Sorrentino criticized women over the age of 20 wearing yoga pants in an angry letter to the Barrington Times. Read More »

Newt Gingrich Lost His Mind During an Argument With Megyn Kelly

Remember back in August of 2015, when Donald Trump's women problem was contained to calling Rosie O'Donnell a "pig" at the first Republican debate and saying Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" for asking legiti Read More »

School Girls With Autism Publish New Book, "M in the Middle"

Autism spectrum disorder affects four times as many boys as girls, and with that, there is a lack of understanding of what girls on the spectrum experience growing up. Read More »

This New Code Word Can Help You Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

There's a new sexual assault and violence awareness campaign that focuses on helping people feel safe when they are out at bars. Read More »

Helen Mirren's Life Advice Truly Makes Her the 'Nastiest of All Nasty Women'

Among all the applause for iconic Hollywood actresses at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday, the adjective, "nasty," was a well-used form of Read More »

MAKER Ava DuVernay and Other Groundbreakers Honored at Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Event

Every year at ELLE's Women in Hollywood event, dozens of the industry's "female insiders who are creating... change" are celebrated. Read More »

16 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Off the bat, being pregnant on Halloween might sound like a costume hindrance. That ghost costume automatically becomes a pregnant ghost and that witch, well, she's expecting a baby witch, too. But really, a baby bump can be an amazing costume opportunity if you build your costume around it. Read More »

These Women Waited 96 Years to Vote for a Female President

This year's election is, if nothing else, historic. And with a long, drawn out campaign season, many of us are just counting down the days until we can find out who will be the next president of the United States. Read More »