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Just How Many People Actually Attended the Women's Marches?

The global Women's March proved to be a monumental Read More »

Princess Leia and More Memorable Signs From the Global Women's Marches

On Saturday, January 21, the Women's March on Washington went global, forming a global sisterhood where partipants were joined in solidarity following Friday's inauguration. Read More »

The MAKERS Who Marched for Women

In a weekend that celebrated hope and unity, approximately 673 women's marches were held around the world. Read More »

This Salon Will Be NYC's First-Ever Female Only Beauty Parlor to Cater to Clients in Hijab

Scheduled to make its grand opening on Sunday, January 29, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Le'Jemalik Salon & Boutique will officially become " Read More »

EMILY's List Is Recruiting You for the Next Electoral Ballot

EMILY's List is an organization that strives to be a driving force of change in America by funding the elections of the pro-choice Democratic women. Post inauguration, EMILY's List is adopting a new mission: "Getting Ready to Run." Read More »

Girls Gone Global: The Women's March Will Be a Worldwide Event

Since last year, plans for a Women's March on Washington on January 21 have been made, and momentum for the event has continued to build. Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the Global Women's March

The Women's March has grown into a massive event set out to peacefully remind the world that women's rights are human rights, once Read More »

Meet the Latest Twist On Girl Scouts: The Radical Monarchs

The traditions of sewing and homemaking in the history of Girl Scouts have inspired a new group to form. Read More »

This "We the People" Artwork Is a Must-See

The artist behind the well-known Barack Obama "HOPE" poster, Shepard Fairey, has officially created new artwork as a part of a "We the People" movement which, according to Read More »

Donald Glover, Also Known as Childish Gambino, Credits His Pursuit of Writing to Tina Fey

Donald Glover credits his career and success to his first boss, Tina Fey, for inspiring him with her genuine sense of happiness. Read More »