Celebrate 200 MAKERS With Us!!!

MAKERS is thrilled to announce that we have reached 200 MAKERS on MAKERS.com!

With the launch of new MAKER WNBA trailblazer Lisa Leslie, we have hit a milestone along our journey to host the largest collection of women's stories ever assembled. Two-hundred different women - from those you know to those you need to know - tell their stories in their own words.

With today being Women's Equality Day, a day to commemorate the first time women were granted the right to vote with the certification of the 19th Amendment, we're celebrating our 200th milestone as well as the last 200 years of women's firsts.

Take a look at our interactive timeline!

And remember, you can join in the celebration!

As we reach 200 MAKERS, we've come to truly understand the importance of telling women's stories. But we want your take. Why do YOU believe women's stories need to be told? Share your answer with us! Learn more.