Charlize Theron Argued for Equal Pay--and Got What She Wanted

After the Sony leaks revealed that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less than their male costars in American Hustle, another A-list star says that the spread between her salary and her male lead’s was just a little too much. According to Page Six, Charlize Theron learned she would be paid less than her male co-star, Chris Hemsworth, in their upcoming movie, “The Huntsman,” and she took a stand, negotiating more than a $10 million deal. 

A Hollywood source said, “[Charlize] has a great track record, so she got the same deal.”

The Huntsman is the prequel to 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” to be released in April 2016. Hemsworth will play huntsman Eric while Charlize stars as queen Ravenna. Considering both actors play leads in the film, it seems only right that Charlize and Chris would get paid the same amount. 

Another Page Six source remarked that a “knock-on effect from the Sony hacking scandal is that there will be more sensitivity about equal pay for actresses and hiring practices at movie studios.” Charlize has gotten 2015 off to a good start. Click through the slideshow above to read about more women who have fought for fair pay, from 1968 to 2014.