Chelsea Handler Is Blunt About the Price of Fame

Chelsea Handler doesn't dance around touchy subjects. Whether she's writing about her one night stands or pressing celebrities to talk about theirs, she prides herself on being unguarded and upfront. 

In her interview with MAKERS, the longtime comic, 39, opened up about life in the spotlight, and she didn't mince words on what it means to be a celeb:

"When I do something, I want to do it really well. I want to impress my publishers, I want to impress myself, and I want to be there for my fans and meet them. That's part and parcel of wanting to be famous in the first place. You can't be famous and then b***h about being famous all the time. You have to kind of like being famous."

This attitude sets Handler apart from a lot of well-known stars, like Robert Pattinson and Adele, who have spoken out against their celebrity status, citing annoyance around rumors and paparazzi. Handler said she always knew she would be known, and that attitude seems to have prepared her for a life in the spotlight. Her thoughts on stardom weren't the only ones she spoke out about; see the rest of her interview with MAKERS.