Coco Chanel Photos and Quotes That Restore Fabulousness to Fashion

Coco Chanel left one of the greatest legacies in fashion.

She founded the Chanel brand on sartorial liberation; evolving the image of luxury from corsets to sporty little black dresses. In 1913, she opened her first boutique, where she sold clothes made of stretchy jersey (previously only used for men's underwear). By 1918, she opened a location in Paris at 31 rue Cambon, where the store still sits today. 

Chanel's aesthetic legacy was one of simplicity and elegance, giving women the power to move freely in their clothes. She promoted female independence by offering women outfits that could be put on without the help of servants, and that allowed for the movement required in public transportation and physical labor. 

Today would be her 133rd birthday, and we celebrate her longstanding charisma, elegance, and commitment to comfortable fashion. Celebrate the iconic designer with quotes and images that will remind you why you love the essence of fashion.

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