Congratulations to MAKERS Excellence in Education Award Winner!

We are pleased to announced the winner of the MAKERS Excellence in Education Award:

Katherine C. of Winston-Salem, North Carolina best exemplified the MAKERS Excellence in Education values and will receive $10,000 from MAKERS and Simple Facial Skincare.

A special education teacher at the Children's Center School in Winston-Salem, it was Katherine's own school principal who brought MAKERS' attention to her incredible work inside the classroom where she works with eight students and one homebound student while seamlessly directing a team of teacher assistants, therapists, specialists, and of course, the students' parents and families.

Katherine's students, ranging from grades K through 5, require a high degree of assistance. Most are non-verbal and use wheelchairs or walkers for mobility. Yet, as noted by Children's Center's principal, one of the most powerful signifiers of Katherine's capacity to create an environment of learning and success is that the first thing you notice walking into her classroom are the "inquisitive and happy" students busy with their business of making friends and understanding the world.

In Katherine's own words:

"I love my job because of the joy that is found watching a child take his first steps at age 8, use a prosthetic arm, and match the letters of his name all to participate in his educational environment. I am committed to advocating for the educational journeys of children with disabilities and have found that it is my greatest talent. I feel honored and grateful that my students will be able to share this spotlight with me thanks to the trails blazed by the women celebrated on MAKERS."

Katherine in Classroom

Her work has made her an irreplaceable asset to her community, and we are proud to share Katherine's story on

More from Katherine to come soon!