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Daily Five: Girl Geeks Rule Comic-Con

Daily Five: Girl Geeks Rule Comic-Con

1. 26 things feminists are tired of hearing. Accompanied by amazing GIFs including Liz Lemon and Britney Spears. 

2. Educated women aren't more likely to divorce their husbands. Women are increasingly more educated than their husbands, so everyone is adjusting their expectations. 

3. The polls say we're ready for a female president. And we've got some hopeful candidates.

4. Revenge of the girl geeks. Plus the woman who led the way.

5. The first female space walker's view from far, far above Earth. "One realizes that this planet is their home." 

Photo:  Danai Gurira (L) and Tatiana Maslany at Entertainment Weekly's "Women Who Kick Ass" panel last year

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