Diane Von Furstenberg: Inspirational Words for Independent Women

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress, a garment that has charmed generations of women. When Von Furstenberg created it, the dress became a symbol of empowerment for DVF herself. “It’s the dress that gave me my freedom, paid all my bills, gave me my fame and allowed me to be free,” she said. Today, the wrap dress is studied in sociology classes as a marker of women’s liberation and sexual liberation in the 1970s. With its zipperless, buttonless construction (the dress wraps in front and ties at the waist), “a woman could be dressed in two minutes flat and be undressed in even less time,” fashion historian Holly Brubach wrote.

Stars from Madonna to Michelle Obama, Amy Winehouse to Kate Middleton have worn the form-flattering wrap--showing that it transcends style bounds, flattering both pop queens and bona fide royalty.

The woman behind the dress was a also princess and a socialite; now she runs a fashion empire. Also she owns a brass knuckle iPhone case. To celebrate the MAKER extraordinaire, we compiled some of Diane Von Furstenberg's most inspirational quotes and photos of her over the years.