DVF Declares Support for Hillary: “She’s a Wonderful, Formidable Woman.”

“If Hillary is running I will definitely be helping her.” In an interview at the Lead On Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women, Diane von Furstenberg made it clear where her political loyalties lie, Bloomberg reports. The iconic fashion designer talked about Clinton’s relationship with fashion, calling her above all, “a woman of substance.” 

“How can you judge her hair and her clothes…I mean, nobody would do that to a man. I mean, what is that? She has a wonderful sense of fashion for herself. She has a wonderful sense of the woman that she is and it’s all about the substance and it’s all about the honesty and it’s all about the truth.”

While Clinton is more prone to pantsuits than DVF-designed gowns or wrap dresses, von Furstenberg appreciates the politician’s personal style. “It’s comfortable to her and that’s all that matters,” she said. “She’s a wonderful, formidable woman. She gets better, better with age.”

We love imagining the possibilities for a DVF-supported Hillary campaign. Even if Clinton forgoes the wrap dress, there are lots of possibilities for glam parties or colorful Hillary-themed accessories. Whatever develops, it’s bound to be a groundbreaking collaboration when these powerful women get together. 


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