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Eight Months Pregnant, Alysia Montano Runs in the U.S. Track and Field Championships

Eight Months Pregnant, Alysia Montano Runs in the U.S. Track and Field Championships

Back when Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, people were afraid that a woman who ran long distances would cause her uterus to fall out. She—and countless other women—proved those people wrong, of course. Now, middle distance runner Alysia Montano has taken female physical prowess to a whole new level by competing in the 800 meter race at Nationals while eight months pregnant. 

Montano got her doctor's approval and even encouragement before running the 800 with her unborn child. "I've been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process," Montano told the AP after her qualifying heat. She’s not trying to prove anything, except that she’ll keep running, rain, shine, or pregnant. “This is my normal this year,” Montano said. 

Montano was a track star at University of California, Berkeley, and is a five-time USA Outdoor champion. She also represented the US at the 2012 Olympics. In 2013, she set the American Indoor Record in the 600m. Like Switzer, Montano appreciates the duality between traditional feminine elegance and athleticism; she wears a flower in her hair for every race.