EXCLUSIVE: Live Round-Up of Reactions to "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"

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The enthusiasm leading up to the PBS broadcast premiere of MAKERS: Women Who Make America was certainly apparent prior to the film's broadcast premiere, but it's jumped to a whole new level now that we've actually made it to our broadcast date!

From the laugh out loud moments, to the tearful ones, and the ones of shear joy, MAKERS: Who Make America stirs up a special kind of emotion in its viewers. We've captured reactions from some of our own MAKERS who viewed the film at Lincoln Center, as well as viewers who joined us on Twitter with #MAKERSchat.   

Watch our exclusive video to hear what MAKERS and MAKERS supporters like Gloria Steinem, Faith Ringgold, Allison Williams, Arianna Huffington--and more--think about MAKERS: Women Who Make America!

Reactions from MAKERS:

Martha Stewart: "I remember so many moments in the film as if it were yesterday. It just brings it all right back."

Brenda Berkman: "I think this documentary's going to go a long way toward telling the story of this incredibly powerful and effective movement."

Linda Alvarado: "The end result is it's not just inspiring to women, but also to men."

Phil Donahue: "This is a documentary that tells the truth about a great revolution that I've been really lucky to have a front row seat for."

Letty Cotty Pogrebin: "The variety of experience, and the eloquence of the speakers will really kind of inform people, inspire them, give them a sense of what life what like before this generation. 

Some reactions from our live #MAKERSchat:

@kmfallica: Psyched about what historical footage we'll see in this new doc..#makerschat #archivesnerd

@kylepjennings: @MAKERSwomen ... and of course Meryl Streep is narrating! So good! #MakersChat

@christinakni: Judy Blume told me things my parents never did @MAKERSchat

@xoxo_rabiah: I couldn't imagine growing up to be told - my JOB is to get married and have kids. And that's it. #Makerschat

@FabEileen: "We don't hire women." Sandra Day O'Connor - I am so thankful for the women that came before me. #MAKERSchat @MAKERSwomen

MAKER @claudiachan: Wow. Can you imagine being fired at 32 because you are "too old to be out in public"? Amazing. #MAKERSchat

@a_biro: I am learning so many new things! #MAKERSChat

@RevDebra: #makerschat How wonderful to see some of my heros teens now. I am so grateful for their courage.My life is better for them

@TodaysMama: We owe such a debt to all the women that fought for us, like Lorena Weeks. #MAKERSChat

MAKER @AnuBhagwati: @MAKERSwomen My mother, an immigrant & woman of color, paved the way for me and thousands in academia. I love you mom. #MAKERSchat

@ruth_messinger: And my heroine Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton explains the reaction of African-American women to feminism. #makerschat #women @PBS

@PBS: Our Twitter timeline is FILLED with #MakersChat tweets. Thank you @MAKERSwomen watchers!

@busyVAmommy: I have the chills, #SoInspiring! #MAKERSChat

@CherissD: The take away from this doc is not to let legislation today wipe out everything these women fought for! #abortionrights #MAKERschat

@susanaspey: Totally relate to @MarloThomas (even 40 years later for me personally): "I just felt different." #MAKERSchat

@MissBlackRiver: Wow Title IX changed women's health by getting more women in medical school. Yay!! #MAKERSChat

@MezzoNicole: I want to see more women like this EVERY DAY! #MAKERSchat

@laurred: How have I never heard of Sarah Weddington before? SUCH an amazing woman #MAKERSchat

@bjr70: I remember hearing about the ERA when I was a kid. I didn't really understand or appreciate what it was then. #MakersChat

@StacyNCamm @MAKERSwomen was fantastic! and my generation IS doing its part... wait for our tv special in (less than) 40 years #keepfighting #youngfems

@womensmediacntr Loved seeing our co-founders @GloriaSteinem @TheRobinMorgan making trouble+fighting injustice 40 years ago…same as today. Thanks #MAKERSchat

@hruss03 #makerschat I love all of the brave women who are given voice here. And we are reminded of all our sisters who are not heard but carry on

@AesahJ #MAKERSchat from execs in Fortune 500 companies to fire fighters to coal miners....well done, ladies

@JillFilipovic Young feminists exist! We're here. We may not be marching in the streets, but we're owning the internet. #MAKERSchat

MAKER @DVF: Proud to be a woman! Loved #MAKERS


What a great night! Thank you for joining us for the broadcast premiere of MAKERS: Women Who Make America! If you couldn't make it, view online here


Photo credit: Marion Curtis/Starpix