EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sheryl Sandberg Talks "Lean In" with MAKERS

Sheryl Sandberg's book is not only a New York Times Bestseller but also an Amazon Bestseller!  Last week, we had the opportunity to catch up with MAKER Sheryl Sandberg to talk about the "Lean In" phenomenon.

What does it really mean to "lean in"? The working mother and Facebook COO updated MAKERS on her motivation for Lean In and her tips for getting lasting rewards from a job well done.

She also discussed the effect MAKERS has had in her life. Last year, Sandberg revealed in her MAKERS videos that she has one very specific requirement in her work schedule-- she leaves the office at 5:30 pm each day in order to be with her kids. In order to do that, she often works early in the am and then again late in the evening, so she is certainly not slacking. This MAKERS video went "viral" last year, leading an on-going discussion about flexible schedules and work-life balance. Sandberg explains how revealing this "secret" publicly led her to even more revelations about herself and working women in general.

Who is the biggest MAKER in her life? Watch the video to find out. And for more on Sheryl Sandberg, watch Sheryl's MAKERS story.

"Women have to believe in themselves, sit at the table, raise their hand, and also find the right and appropriate ways to state their own accomplishments so they can get the rewards they deserve."