Fail Fast: 7 Female Entrepreneurs on the Mistakes That Moved Them Forward

Entrepreneurs love talking about the power of failure. It takes courage to build something from the ground up, and "rebranding" failure as a positive thing only increases the number of entrepreneurs who are wiling to try. 

Making entrepreneurial moves is one good route to the top, and we need more women in business leadership positionsIn both 2012 and 2013, less than one-fifth of companies had 25% or more women directors, and women of color held only 3.2% of board seats (the same as 2012). While that’s better than it’s been, the numbers are sadly low, despite other reports that say organizations that are most inclusive of women in top management get 35% higher return on equity versus their peers. Including women is proven to create better business. 

Meet women who have dared to create businesses, and hear about their failures along the way in the gallery above.