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Famous Women Who Have Channeled Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is an American icon from World War II, when women worked in factories to replace men away in the military. A riveter is someone who hammers rivets (a certain kind of bolt) to fasten two pieces of material together, and Rosie represented that kind of industrial work as well as women joining the workforce in general. 

This July, Beyonce posted an Instagram of herself as Rosie the Riveter, cementing the wartime figurehead's iconic status in current-day culture. And while Beyonce the Riveter is an inspiring thing to behold, she’s not the first star to embody the empowered working woman. From Kris Jenner to Amy Poehler, check out the other stars who join the ranks of the Riveter in the gallery above (and get inspired in time for Halloween!).