Female Athletes Advocate for Body Love in ESPN's New 'Body Issue'

2015 may just be the year for female athletes — and it's about time.  

Whether it's Misty Copeland's new and legendary ballerina status, Serena Williams' groundbreaking tennis accomplishments, or even as recent as this year's FIFA Women's World Cup, women athletes are fearlessly defying norms and shattering records in the sports world.

This year's ESPN 'Body Issue' is nothing short of a celebration of this much delayed recognition as the issue features an impressive roster of fit female athletes posed nude in an inspiring and artful set of photographs.  

Additionally, alongside the photos include snippets of interviews with the athletes on topics of self-acceptance and beauty standards. In short, we are in awe of their powerful physiques and equally commanding words that grace the pages of the feature. We'll be sure to grab a copy off the stands this Friday. 

See here for more excerpts from the interview and photoshoot.

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