Five Views on Dads & Daughters


How is a woman influenced by the relationship she has with her father? Has the concept of fatherhood changed over the last half-century, as both women and men navigate new gender roles within the home? How can fathers encourage their daughters to achieve in fields often dominated by men? These are the questions answered this week in our MAKERS Father’s Day playlist.


1) Shirley Tilghman’s Father Gave Her the Confidence to Achieve

“He’s the person who gave me my self-confidence, which I think is one of the greatest gift you can give a child…to give them the confidence they can do what they set out to do, and the ability to like yourself."

2) Condoleezza Rice says, “My Father was a Feminist”

“My father was a feminist from the day I was born. There was nothing his little girl couldn’t do, and he modeled that in his relationship with my mother.”

3) Judy Norsigian’s Dad and the Gift of Philosophy

“He told me, ‘Make sure you can support yourself. It’s fine to get married and have children, but you may have to be an independent breadwinner.’ That’s not the kind of message most young women got in those days.”

4) Martha Stewart was Her Father’s Favorite

“Dad died before I was 30 years old. It was a big loss for me, because he had not yet seen what I went on to do.”

5) Brandon Holley Looked to Dad for Encouragement

“He didn’t have a dad. His dad was shot in a barroom brawl in the Appalachian mountains… and so my father idealized what a dad should be, and he became this ideal person.”