Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Speak Out Against Gun Violence in New Book

Gabby Giffords says, “Strong women get things done,” and with her new book, she leads by example. The former Arizona Representative and her husband, Mark Kelly, are speaking out for responsible gun ownership in their book “Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence.” 

Their experience with this issue is personal: in 2011, Giffords was left with severe brain injuries after a shooting in Tuscon, Arizona that killed six people. She made an incredible recovery, appearing in Congress months later for a critical vote on the debt ceiling and speaking at a Senate hearing on gun violence in early 2013. That summer, she also picked up a gun for the first time since the incident.

Even after the shooting, Giffords and her husband remain staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and longtime firearm owners. Rather than abolishing guns for all Americans, the couple advocates for laws that will prevent the next Newtown.

When 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Giffords and Kelly wrote that they were “moved from words to action.” 

“What this country really needs is a balanced debate on this issue. And it’s been really out of balance, so our job is to try to fix that,” Kelly told the Associated Press. To do so, they’ve created Americans for Responsible Solutions, an organization that supports responsible gun ownership and encourages lawmakers to find solutions to gun violence.

In “Enough,” Giffords and Kelly detail Giffords’ journey from recovery to advocacy, connecting the personal and political. Bill Clinton called it “the moving journey of an American hero, and a powerful call to action.” 

Hear more of Gabby Giffords’ inspiring story in her MAKERS interview: