Gisele Tackles a Punching Bag and Public Criticism in New Under Armour Ad

We’re all familiar with Gisele Bundchen, whether she’s strutting a runway in wings for Victoria’s Secret or gracing a billboard on behalf of H&M. She’s the highest-paid model in the world, and has been for the last eight years. In her latest deal with Under Armour, as part of their I Will What I Want campaign, we see a new side of the supermodel.

When Under Armour released their first spot highlighting MAKER Misty Copeland, we were captivated by the campaign, and this new spot is the perfect follow-up. Gisele is another unexpected athlete, and in 60-seconds, she comes up against both a punching bag and public scrutiny, conveyed by real tweets projected on the walls of the stark gym.

“Gisele is just a model,” one says. “Stick to the modeling sweetie,” sneers another. Some are positive: “OMG…I love her,” and “She’s perfect.” These are reactions to the initial announcement that Gisele would be UnderArmour’s spokeswoman. People wondered, why prioritize a model over an athlete in a campaign meant to promote strength? But the point is that she’s not defined by her job, and that athletes can’t be limited to a court or field. 

In the extended online experience, called Will Beats Noise, we see more of Gisele’s workout as the social commentary gets updated in real time. “She’s really inspiring :)” “She’s too built.” “Not pretty.” Gisele keeps moving as the letters flash ghostily behind her. Just as Misty showed strength and commitment, Gisele is an image of focus and determination. We look forward to seeing the next spot—fingers crossed for skier Lindsey Vonn, slicing past damning headlines when winter comes.

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