Going Off Script with Rachel Grady, Director of MAKERS: Women in War

Rachel Grady talked to soldiers and CIA agents, an army nurse and a helicopter pilot (MJ Hegar, in the featured image). As director and producer of MAKERS: Women in War along with Heidi Ewing, she created a documentary that covers the history of women in the military since World War II. We got a behind-the-scenes perspective from the documentarian.

Why do you think this is an important film?

Based on the interviews we conducted and the archive we were able to discover it seems as if this is a enormous American institution that has simply never been examined through the women's lens.  A lot of the recruiting material from the different military arms and the official DoD films HAD NEVER BEEN WATCHED. Wow. That said a lot to us. Nearly 3 million women have served their country since WW2 and it's barely been discussed in the mainstream civilian world. I'm so happy we can get the conversation going.

What is one thing you learned in the process of making this?

As far as salary, the military has always been one of the most equitable institutions we have. Equal pay for officers has always been the case.

What’s your favorite takeaway from this film?

Angela Salinas tells the story of reporting for duty at her base as a new officer and the gentleman on duty asking her when her boss was going to show up. She was the boss.

How can viewers follow up with this film? Are there websites or other films you would recommend to further the inspiring, informative track?

Invisible War is an incredibly profound film that was nominated for an Oscar and reminds people that their is still a lot of work to be done for women's role and treatment in the military. 

If you made another film on the same subject in a year, how would your focus change?

I'd love to see what was going on with combat inclusion now that the ban has been lifted. How are the institutions handling this sea change?

Watch the trailer for MAKERS: Women in War and catch the full film online starting October 22 at 8 PM ET.